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FAQ: Se de mest stillede spørgsmål om Silkeborg

You can find information on covid-19 right here.


Find information on pharmacies in Silkeborg right here.

Did you bring your own bike or mountainbike to Silkeborg, and do you need air in the tires or to fix the chain?

Find the service stations right here.

All motorized boats on the Silkeborg lakes and the Gudenå, have to be registered. Therefore, your boat needs a guest number.

Find the information right here.

See a map of playgrounds in Silkeborg.

Read more here 

See all parking spaces in Silkeborg right here.

Parkering spaces

You can see the opening hours of the shops on HandelSilkeborg's website.

See the opening hours right here.

Be inspired for your shopping trip in Silkeborg right here.

You can find information on accessibility at, where many attractions, hotels and places in nature are registered. 

There is several possibilites for getting information about Silkeborg. You can go to the libary and find brochures and tourist information. See more here: Silkeborg Bibliotek.
There is also a lot of information to gain right here on our website. Placed around in the city is our digital touchscreens, which can also provide you with information.

In the summertime, there are guides placed around in the city with bicycle, where you can find loads of maps and brochures for your trip in Silkeborg. 


See the many accommodation possiblities and find inspiration right here.

Hjejleselskabet generally sails from May to September. The number of departures per day depends on the time of the season and the weather.

The exact scheduel can be found here.

No, it is not necessary, but it is a very good idea to do so! You can do this on their website

It is also important to remember you have to be there at least 15 minutes before departure, to ensure you still have your seat on the boat. 


There are many opportunities to use public transportation to and from Silkeborg - and while you are here.

Public transport