Historical attractions

Photo: Arne Mikkelsen

The Silkeborg Lake District plays an exiting part in the history of Denmark. 

Museum Silkeborg, Hovedgården

The Silkeborg Museum, Hovedgården is housed in Silkeborg's oldest building, Silkeborg Hovedgård, from 1767.

Museum Silkeborg, Blicheregnen

The Silkeborg Museum, Blicheregnen, is housed in the old rectory in Thorning, where the priest and the poet Steen Steensen Blicher was pastor in the years 1819 to 1825.

Museum Silkeborg, Papirmuseet

Museum Silkeborg, The Paper Museum is housed in the old Silkeborg Paper Factory - in the old production rooms for handmade paper.


Badeanstalten is the last public bath in Denmark, which still upholds its traditions. Visit the old but well-maintained bathrooms and enjoy the special atmosphere and herbal aroma.

Silkeborg Bunker Museum

Silkeborg Bunkermuseum is housed in a German type R622 bunker. The exhibition in the two rooms of the bunker tells about the German military headquarters under the leadership of General of the Infantry Herman von Hanneken and then Colonel-General Georg Lindemann .

Jysk Automobilmuseum

Jysk Automobilmuseum is one of Denmark’s leading car museums with a unique and nostalgic quality collection of motor vehicles. The 160 exhibited vehicles represent in total 90 different car makes from the period 1900 to 1987.