Relics and ruins

Photo: VisitSilkeborg

Discover the ancient landmarks in Silkeborg - The Lake District. 

The Ruins of Silkeborg Castle

Silkeborg’s oldest history relates to Silkeborg Slot, a castle which stood at Slotsholmen, north-east of Silkeborg’s modern-day town centre, where the River Gudenå runs into Lake Silkeborg Langsø

Kong Knaps Dige

Kong Knaps Dige (King Knap’s dike) is an ancient rampart dating back to the Iron Age. Today, the dike is about 200 metres long, up to 6.5 metre wide and 1 metre high, but it was originally both higher and longer. The dike was probably a fortification by the nearby River Haller Å, which ser...

Grathe Hede

The Battle of Grathe Heath on 23 October 1157 marked the end of a civil war for royal power between Svend III Grathe, Knud V and Valdemar I the Great. In 1146 Sven Grathe became the King of Zealand and Skåne, and Knud the King of Jutland. Knud made several attempts to conquer Zealand (1147...

The Tollund Man's find place

The Tollund Man is the naturally mummified corpse of a man who lived during the 4th century BCE, during the period characterised in Scandinavia as the Pre-Roman Iron Age. He was found in 1950, buried in a peat bog which preserved his body. The man's physical features were so well-preserved...

Hærvejen / The Ancient Road

Hærvejen, which consists of a cycling/rambling trail and a bridal path, passes close by Silkeborg. Not only is it a scenic route, but it is also a historical journey down through Jutland along the Jutland ridge.