Photo: VisitSilkeborg

The river and lakes of Silkeborg offer a wide variety of fishing waters in terms of river bed, lake bottom conditions, vegetation and depth. Which provides excellent conditions for many different species of fish, in the most beautiful surroundings. 

Top Nine Lakes

Here is our take on the top nine lakes in the Silkeborg area, all examples of wonderful places to go for a swim in Denmark's Outdoor Capital.  Please make sure that you have read the safety instructions and special considerations before bathing in our lakes.

Fishing Licenses and Permits

To fish in the Gudenå River and the lakes of Silkeborg, you must have a national fishing licence and a local fishing permit. To fish in Silkeborg’s put & take lakes, you only have to pay the hourly/daily rate, which is listed on their respective website.

Species of Fish in the River Gudenå and the Lakes

Whether you want to fish for pike, zander, perch, lake trout, bream or roach, you stand a good chance of hooking a 5, 10 or 15-kg dream fish all season long. Here you cab find a list of the fish species found in the different lakes.

Put and Take Lakes

Our put & take lakes offers excellent conditions for seasoned anglers and novices alike. You can always bring your own picnic – but in most of these places you also have the option of buying refreshments when you arrive.