Familie ferie

Family adventures doing the autumn break 2019

With the autumn break right around the corner, Silkeborg and Søhøjlandet are excited to invite you to a lot of activities for the whole familty to enjoy. 


Become a pirat for a day with Hjejlen

Tuesdays and Thursdays in week 42 at 10:00 and 14:00 o'clock rallies Mågen out on a pirat cruise.  

You will be invited on board and become a member of the pirat crew for the day. Exciting stories from adventures the pirates has endured will be told, and as all know - Pirats are always looking for hidden treasures. So of course you are going to join the treasure hunt. Who knows what might is to be found in the hidden treasure? 

The event is mainly for kids between the age of 3-8 years. 



Price for sailing, pirat equipment and the treasure hunt
Adults: 195 kr. + ticket fee (20 kr.)
Kids: 165 kr. + ticket fee (20kr.)

Tickets can be bougt here.  



Autumn break with Energi 

In the autumn break the Energi museum will be focused on play, energy and sustainable food. There will be a lot of exciting activities which can entertain the whole family. There will, among other things be light show in the tower of Bohr, treasure hunt, food tasting and smelling and a lot more. 

Come and join us for a day in the name of science. It is good fun for the whole family! 


Price and opening hours
Kids up to and including 17 years of age - Free 

Adults 18+ - 110 kr. 

Students with a valid study card - 90 kr. 

Opening hours in the autmn break: 10:00-17:00.


Find more information here. 


Autumn break with Aqua

Come and explore the animal life close up! If your wish is to becoming a future zoo keeper, here you have to chance to live it when Aqua Akvarium and Dyrepark invites you to join the staff when feeding the animals. Help preparing the food and lots of more fun acitivities. 



Adults - 160 kr. 

Kids 3-11 years - 90 kr. 

Kids 0-2 years - Free

When booking online you can save 10%, book here. 

Papir museum

Silkeborg museum and autumn break 

Go on adventure with Silkeborg museum. They invite you to a lot of exciting activities doing the holiday. You can make paper out of a old pair of jeans - just remember to bring some. And how about making your own axe?

Read more about the different acitivities here. 


Prices and opening hours 

Kids uo tp and including 17 years of age have Free Entrance
Find more information here