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Species of Fish in the River Gudenå and the Lakes

Whether you want to fish for pike, zander, perch, lake trout, bream or roach, you stand a good chance of hooking a 5, 10 or 15-kg dream fish all season long. Here you can find a list of the fish species found in the different lakes.

Which Rivers and which Fish?

The River Gudenå/Lake Sminge Sø:
perch, pike, bream, roach, eel, trout

Lake Silkeborg Langsø:
pike, perch, zander, roach, bream, whitefish, lake trout, eel

Lake Thorsø:
perch, bream, pike, zander, roach, lake trout, eel

Lake Ørnsø:
perch, bream, pike, whitefish, zander, roach, lake trout, eel

Lake Borre Sø:
pike, perch, zander

Lake Brassø:
pike, perch, zander, lake trout, roach and bream

Lake Julsø:
pike, zander, perch, roach, lake trout

Lake Almindsø:
pike, zander, perch

Lake Birksø:
zander, lake trout

Lake Gudensø:
pike, perch, zander, bream, lake trout, roach


Minimum size and closed seasons

Minimum size: 50 cm
Closed season: 1 April – 31 May

Minimum size: 50 cm
Closed season: 1 April – 30 April

Brown trout and rainbow trout:
Minimum size: 40 cm
Closed season: 1 November – 28 (29) February

Minimum size: 33 cm
Closed season: 15 April – 15 May