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Høgdal is a gem of cultural history, located in the heart of the beautiful countryside of central Jutland. The history of the farm can be traced back to the major agricultural reforms of the late 18th century.

Høgdalvej 4

8653 Them



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Together with his family, Jens Jensen Lemming built a house in 1796. Since then, the property has been passed from father to son for five generations. Over time, various buildings have been added and pulled down, resulting in the beautiful and well-maintained 4-winged Høgdal farm of today. The families of Høgdal made their living partly from farming and partly from working with wood — mainly clog making. The sale of these wood products provided an additional source of income when the arable land was not all that great.   The last owners of Høgdal were Jens and Peder Jensen, who took over the farm after the death of their father in 1927. From then on, time has virtually stood still on the farm, so visitors can still experience an authentic farm environment today, where they step back almost 100 years in time. Høgdal is a place to be experienced – a place steeped in history, surrounded by magnificent scenery. We open Høgdal to interested parties for pre-booked group visits. Booking at TurismeSilkeborg on tel. +45 8682 1911


Høgdalvej 4

8653 Them

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