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Hovedgaden 58

8654 Bryrup


Phone:+45 - 7575 6780

fax:+45 - 7575 6603

 AKTIV Camp – movement, health and well-being. Whether you are into sports, activities or games, there are plenty of opportunities at Bryrup Camping - even when you just want to completely relax...

Everyone can participate and there is something for every taste and temperament. The unique part of an active vacation at Bryrup Camping is the combination of beautiful scenery and great family moments.

Try a wealth of activities - both outside and on the campsite. The activities are divided into different categories: 'Bathing', 'Walk or Run', 'Geocaching', 'Cycling', 'Canoeing & Kayaking', 'Fishing', 'Golf' and 'Fun, Play and Games'.

In the fall of 2014 Bryrup Camping was honored with a theme-award from RegionMidt Jylland. The theme award was given for having put the guest experience at the heart, with the initiative: Active camping - movement, health and well-being.


Hovedgaden 58

8654 Bryrup


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