Trækstien / Old Bargerman's Path, Silkeborg-Randers

Photo: Bo Bozz Nørgaard
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Trækstien is a trail between Silkeborg and Randers, which follows the old tow paths of the River Gudenå.

Ansvej 2A

8600 Silkeborg


Trækstien is a place of unique nature experiences, in a varied and unpredictable landscape.

Please be aware that parts of the trail may be flooded due to high water levels in the River Gudenå.

Historically, the trail was created for horses and bargemen, who once pulled great barges filled with goods between the two cities of Silkeborg and Randers. Barge traffic on the River Gudenå had its heyday in Silkeborg after the opening of the paper mill in 1845. Back then, it was the only way of transporting large quantities of goods to and from the city. The barges could be seen sailing on the River Gudenå right until the beginning of World War I.

The trail measures around 70 km and can be divided into 5 sections:

Simply click on the various sections to access the available maps.

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Ansvej 2A

8600 Silkeborg


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