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The lake, Slåensø

Slåensø is a lake located immediately south of Lake Borresø in Silkeborg Sønderskov wood. It is connected to Lake Borre Sø by Millingbæk stream.   The lake is dammed approximately 2 metres to make use of the hydroelectric power which once powered a bone mill, a sawmill and a clog factory by the outlet of Millingbæk.   Lake Slåensø reaches a depth of up to 12 metres. The only inflow of water comes from a number of ochre-rich springs on the southern side, and by their outlets, you can see marshy red deposits in several places. Due to its limited water supply, the lake has very clean water.   The springs also played a part in the naming of the lake. It was originally called Slaugen Sø, and “Slaugen” comes from the Old Norse “Slagna” meaning “springs”.   The lake is located in extremely hilly terrain. It is a popular destination with Kongestolen (the king’s seat) (82 m high) immediately south of Lake Slåensø, which offers wonderful views to the north. Closeby is Denmark’s tallest tree, a Douglas fir which is more than 50 m high. There is a good rambling trail all the way around the lake. Download a map of the lake here.