Top Nine Lakes

Photo: Magnus Torfoss

Here is our take on the top nine lakes in the Silkeborg area, all examples of wonderful places to go for a swim in Denmark's Outdoor Capital. 

Please make sure that you have read the safety instructions and special considerations before bathing in our lakes. 

Almindsø, Silkeborg

Lake Almindsø near Silkeborg is one of Denmark’s cleanest lakes. There is no agriculture nearby or polluting drainage into the lake and it is a popular bathing lake with two large pools, Østre and Vestre (east and west), and several smaller bathing spots – including the beach at Aggerholm ...

Silkeborg Langsø

In the eastern part of Silkeborg Langsø , close to the area around the old paper mill and Nordskoven.

Brassø ("The Little Fish")

The area called “The Little Fish” (Translated from “De Små Fisk”) is located between the Silkeborg city center and the urban area of Sejs-Svejbæk.


Julsø is the largest out of the three Himmelbjerg-lakes, which also includes Borre Sø and Brassø.

Schoubyes Sø

Schoubyes Sø is a lake located in the woods east of Silkeborg, relatively close to the main road going towards Aarhus.


Gjessø is a small lake with attractive clear waters, named after the town in which it is located.

Tange Sø

Tange Sø is the largest artificial lake in Denmark it's a good place for swimming.


The lake consists of bright clear waters, which has made it an attractive place to go for a casual swim throughout the years.


In the southwest of Silkeborg, you find the lake Ørnsø enclosed by forest and residential areas.