Både ved Svejbæk

Sailing Holidays

Photo: VisitSilkeborg

There is no place better for a sailing holiday than in the Outdoor Capital of Denmark. Our city is enclosed by water - no matter where you look, you might be able see the mesmerizing light reflections on the surface of our many lakes.


You can experience the extraordinary waters of the Lake District from one of our 8 historical tour boats such as Hjejlen, the oldest paddle steamer in the world. Or maybe you would rather rent a solar boat and simply enjoy a tranquil moment out on open water. There are countless opportunities for a day out sailing in the Lake District!

Boat Hire

Hire a boat on the days you wish to sail on the lakes of Silkeborg. Hire a motorboat from one of the boat hire companies listed below.

Registration of Visiting Boats

Rules and regulations for you as a visitor with your own boat.


Hjejlen is the world's oldest original coal-fired steamer in operation. During the summer, it and other tour boats in the Hjejle fleet sail daily from Silkeborg to Himmelbjerget and on to the small station town of Laven.

Sailing Map of Gudenåen

A map to guide you through and around in Gudenåen.