Put and take Ørnsø

Put and Take Lakes

Photo: VisitSilkeborg

Our put & take lakes offers excellent conditions for seasoned anglers and novices alike. You can always bring your own picnic – but in most of these places you also have the option of buying refreshments when you arrive. 

Grønbæk Put & Take

Grønbæk Put & Take is located in a 7-hectare area of natural beauty nestled between woodland and hill. Facilities: Picnic benches. Possible catches: Brown trout, brook trout, walleye, eel, pike

Resenbro Put and Take

Resenbro Put and Take is located in the scenic Lake District between Silkeborg and Gjern, roughly 1.5 km from Jyllandsringen Camping.

Tollundgaard Put and Take

Tollundgaard Put-and-Take is one of Denmark’s oldest angling lakes. The angling lake was opened in 1982 in the existing Lake Tollund sø. The lake has since been expanded to around 60,000 m². The lake’s long history as an angling lake means that the vegetation has had time to grow up around...