Vandring, vandretur, almindsø

Rules for Outdoor Swimming in Silkeborg

Considerations and regulations before enjoying Silkeborgs beautiful lakes. 

Special Considerations:

We care deeply about our waters in Denmark’s Outdoor Capital. To preserve our high quality of water, it is VERY important that you follow these three essential rules

  1. Do not use the lake as a toilet! This will add nutrients to the water and result in a growth of algae.

  2. Do not feed the birds! It creates a problem of bird droppings in the area where people swim.

  3. Do not litter! Food waste can potentially attract pests. Therefore, use the available garbage bins near the lakes.

Safety Instructions:

When using our lakeside baths, you hold the responsibility for your own safety, as well as the safety of your companions. There are no lifeguards positioned near our outdoor bathing facilities, which means you must be ready to raise the alarm yourself in the case of an emergency. Remember to always call 112 for acute assistance. For more information on bathing rules in Denmark, please consult the website of the Danish Council for Greater Water Safety

Furthermore, be aware that our lakes on rare occasions are plagued by algal blooms. Therefore, follow these three rules and do NOT:

  1. Go swimming if the water is not clear enough for you to see your toes, when standing in knee-high water.

  2. Let your children play in the water if there is substantial signs of foam and algae pollution near the shoreline – not even if you can see that the water is clear further out.

  3. Let your pets drink water from the lake if it is colored by algae

You can recognize signs of algal pollution by the level of water transparency – lakes plagued by heightened algae growth will often look like they are covered with a layer of green, red or brown paint.

If you have further questions concerning the quality of our bathing water, please contact VisitAarhus, the Silkeborg Office.