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When is the best time to visit Silkeborg? And where do you find tourist information hotspots? Learn this and much more as we guide you through practical information for your visit to the lakelands. 

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Overview of parking lots in Silkeborg.

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Your overview of public transportation in Silkeborg.

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The national fishing licence and the local fishing permit.

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Get 15 % discount on attractions

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When is the best time a year to visit?

In general the best time a year to visit Silkeborg Søhøjlandet is from April-August as the weather is warm and there is very little wind and rain. However, December is also a cosy month to be visiting, as the christmas decorations and markets are fun to see. The whole city will be covered in lights to brighten up the otherwise dark time a year.

For fishermen and people wanting to canoe along the Gudenå River in more pease and quiet February-March and September-October can be good months as well, as less people are travelling along the river these months due to the colder weather. But it's nothing that a warm sweater can't handle.