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The Landscapes of Silkeborg

The beauty of nature 

The landscapes of Silkeborg are just waiting to be explored. Every hilltop, bay and forest reveal new areas and opportunities for you to discover, and our unique nature is open to all interests; go running, cycling, paddling, bird watching, picnicking – or something else entirely!

In Silkeborg, you can get right up close to nature – and nature is always close to you.

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The Largest Area of Forest in Denmark

With 224 square kilometers of forested area, the woodlands in and around Silkeborg constitute the largest area of forest in all of Denmark. This great area is home to a vast variety of plants and vegetation, e.g. no less than 90 types of moss and 188 species of mushroom.

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Denmark’s Greatest Concentration of Lakes

In the Silkeborg region, you not only find the Gudenå River, but also the largest concentration of lakes in Denmark. Silkeborg contains 51 lakes and over 500 kilometers of river shoreline, which adds to the unique character of the area and lends itself to a great variety of outdoor activities, such as canoeing, kayaking, swimming and fishing.

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The Sky Mountain (Himmelbjerget)

A natural highlight of the Lake District is, of course, Himmelbjerget, which literally translates to Sky Mountain. Standing at 147 meters above sea level, it protrudes into the landscape and can be seen for miles, from both land and water. You can get there by car, bike or on foot - you can also sail there onboard the world’s oldest paddle steamer, Hjejlen. Read more about Himmelbjerget here.