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The Lake District (Søhøjlandet) has everything you, families with kids and couples need for a nice relaxing and different break from everyday life. Whether you are a serious athlete, history nerd or enjoyer of life who wants to explore breathtaking landscapes, Silkeborg is the perfect place.

We recommend people to take a small, yet, wonderful trip down the Gudenå river in a canoe or hike along the ancient road (Hærvejen) surrounded by heather and rural serenity before making a stop at one of the local cafés or restaurants for something to eat and drink. It is possible to enjoy a large variety of experiences within a short period, as Silkeborg is located within a short drive from major attractions such as Aarhus and LEGOLAND in Billund and the enchanting woodlands (the largest in Denmark) start just a ten-minute walk from Silkeborg town square.

Countryside activities...

Hiking in Silkeborg


The lake district is home to some of the best hiking trails in Denmark! So why not spend a day out exploring these beautiful tracks?

Cycling holidays


Experience Silkeborg by bike 

Mountain Biking

The Lake District of Silkeborg is one of the best areas for mountain biking.

Horseback Riding

With Denmark's largest contiguous area of forest and numerous lakes, the Silkeborg region is just the area for active, fun and scenic experiences on horseback – for adults and children, as well as beginners and experts. Read more about riding around Silkeborg here...

Water activities...


Paddle Adventures: Canoeing and Kayaking

Silkeborg is rich on opportunities for water-based adventures - an ideal way to explore the over 500 kilometers of river shoreland encircling the Lake District.

Sailing holidays

Encounter our spectacular waters by boat

Angling in Silkeborg


The scenic surroundings of Silkeborg are perfect for a day out with a fishing rod. Read more about angling in Silkeborg here.

Art galleries and historical museums...

The Silkeborg area is known for its exceptional artists, such as Asger Jorn, who spent his life challenging the conceptions of reality and breaking with the role of art as a commodity. You can explore his great collection of art pieces at Museum Jorn, which features both sculptures, ceramics, graphic works and tapestries. For an alternative art experience, we recommend a visit to Art Centre Silkeborg Bad located right next to the scenic area of Lake Ørnsø, which means you can combine a day of cultural sights with a day of outdoor activities.

Museum Jorn

Museum Jorn

Experience the work of one of the 20th century’s greatest artists, Asger Jorn, and many other exceptional international painters and sculptors.

Art Centre Silkeborg Bad

Experience the exhibitions of both Danish and international artists, or visit the rich collection of sculptures in the midst of beautiful nature. A ‘must see’ of the Lake District!

Few are aware of that the German General Staff in Denmark from the end of 1943 until the liberation in May 1945 had its headquarters in Silkeborg. Today, you can enter the main bunkers with a guide or go explore the few which are open 24/7 - just remember a light, as they can be fairly dark to enter.  Alternatively, visit the Silkeborg Bunker Museum and get an impression of the area. Near by in Skanderborg, you can find the Luftwaffe's headquarters on the banks of Skanderborg Lake. The Skanderborg Bunker Museum has a very rare German Enigma code machine in the collection, which is fun to see.