Sailing Holidays

There is no place better for a sailing holiday than in the Outdoor Capital of Denmark. Our city is enclosed by water - no matter where you look, you might be able see the mesmerizing light reflections on the surface of our many lakes.

You can experience the extraordinary waters of the Lake District from one of our 8 historical tour boats such as Hjejlen, the oldest paddle steamer in the world. Or maybe you would rather rent a solar boat and simply enjoy a tranquil moment out on open water. There are countless opportunities for a day out sailing in the Lake District!

Boat Hire

There are several places in and around Silkeborg where you can hire a boat. Click here to see where.

Boats in Silkeborg

Registration of Visiting Boats

All motor boats used on the Silkeborg lakes and the River Gudenå must be registered. So, your boat must have a guest number. Read more about registration of your boat here...

For Guest Visitors

If you wish to stay overnight on a boat in Silkeborg, you must reserve a spot for the boat in advance. You book one of these through Indelukket in Silkeborg, or through Ry Marina. Simply contact one of their attendants and hear more about reserving a place for your boat on one of these numbers:

Indelukket: Steen Nielsen, tlf. 20 23 18 89 or Mogens Olsen, tlf. 24 61 28 87 - Ry Marina: Lene Winther, tlf. 21 24 29 90


Paddle Adventures: Canoeing and Kayaking

Silkeborg is rich on opportunities for water-based adventures - an ideal way to explore the over 500 kilometers of river shoreland encircling the Lake District.

The Landscapes of Silkeborg

Areas of Unique Beauty

Angling in Silkeborg


The scenic surroundings of Silkeborg are perfect for a day out with a fishing rod. Read more about angling in Silkeborg here.

Top Ten Lakes

Read here about our top ten lakes in Silkeborg and see where you can swim in some of the cleanest lakes in all of Denmark.