River Art 2017

Silkeborg Harbour and along Remstrup Å - se link to map to the right

Fire art, light performance and enchanting sights in the night. See the magic of light tell the beautiful story behind the greatest tradition of Silkeborg!

It is dark night and King Frederik the 7th is traveling with his boat on the river towards Silkeborg. He has been out hunting at Himmelbjerget with his queen and the founder of Silkeborg, Michael Drewsen. At the end of the hunt, the three of them are rather drunk and thus the departure has been delayed. Night has fallen. First with white mist over the water, then twilight and now the air is thick with darkness. The atmosphere turns nervous when the boatsmen can no longer see where to sail as they are afraid to run the heavy boat aground on the riverbank. But the citizens are expecting the king's visit and soon understand the situation: Rumor runs like fire that the king needs their help!
Then the wonder happens for the crew on the boat; Light by light, the riverbanks are lit and suddenly the crew can again set a safe course for Silkeborg. All the citizens have come to their aid, caring torches and lanterns. A magical and heart warming sight, that since this night in 1852 has become a recurring tradition in Silkeborg, celebrated with regatta and spectacular fireworks.

With beautiful light effects, dance and theater River Art is a tribute to this tale that has been retold for generations. It's core being that of helpfulness and benevolence River Art retells the tale with great beauty, celebrating the joy of giving. The light is spread out along the riverbanks with entrancing light sculptures creating an amazing experience for people of all ages.
This series of strong events and art works lead audiences forward to the performance 'Waternymph' on the roof of the Music Theater. 'Waternymph' is designed specifically for this setting by the internationally acclaimed performance group Comediants from Barcelona. Enjoy a sensuous performance of high artistic quality full of visual impressions.

Experience the light come out of darkness, the colours reflect on the water, the magic dance in the night... The performance is followed by the outstanding fireworks show, which is the highlight of Silkeborg Fireworks Regatta. Use the link below to find the map of everything going on.

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See more and submit to the event here: www.facebook.com/riverart2017
See more about the fireworks and regatta: www.facebook.com/events
Book a trip with the historical boat Hjejlen to the performance: www.hjejlen.com

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