Explore The Danish Lakelands Culinary Scene

The Danish Lakelands is a truly extraordinary place where impressive forests, inviting lakes, wild coasts, charming towns and lots of warm-heartedness takes you in to a world of good old Danish values, where intimacy, natural resources and creativity together set the frames for exciting culinary experiences.

Visit some of the many idyllic village inns, that oze history and keeps old traditions alive or stop by some of the farm shops and road stands that appear in the landscape along your way. All the way you will meet passionate people that put their heart and soul into giving you a truly unique and unforgettable culinary experience that reflects the charming Danish Lakelands.

Restaurants and Inns

There are many places in Silkeborg to unfold your gastronomic interests – both inside and outside the city center. Read all about them here. 

Dinner and Lunch Guide

Dinner and Lunch Guide - become inspired by our suggestions

Nordic Cookery in the Lake District

BBC Lifestyle showcase Denmark’s delicacies, with eight Nordic Cookery programmes focusing on traditional Danish food. During the course of the series, Tareq explored the Lake District of Mid-Jutland and cooked with locals, enjoying outdoor pursuits and trying exceptional local produce. With these guides, you too can experience the best these regions have to offer and try the tasty tour of regional dishes highlighted by TV chef Tareq Taylor.

Tareq Taylor's Nordic Cookery in the Lake District

Tareq Taylor is an established chef from Sweden, with a distinct knowledge in the art of Nordic cooking. Hear what he had to say about his culinary visit in the Lake District of Denmark. 

Nordic Cookery

Discover all the programmes here

The rich soil of Fyn is the foundation for excellent foods. Juicy apples, dark-red cherries, freshly pressed juices, hand-picked tomatoes, fresh asparagus, and flowers of all colours and types. And there are plenty of opportunities to experience the "taste of Fyn" at the many food markets and festivals...

WE HAVE NO MALLS - only small cute shopping streets from the 1800!

Silkeborg is a unique commercial town. It was not granted the status as a market town until 1900, but things have gone fast forward since then! Today Silkeborg is full of charming boutiques and specialist shops, cozy cafes and restaurants – everything only a 10 minutes walking distance away from great forest areas and brilliant, clear waters. An excellent way to spend a sunny afternoon!

Shops are open Monday-Thursday from 10 AM - 5:30 PM, Friday 10 AM - 6 PM and Saturday 10 AM - 3 PM. Sunday: closed.

Souvenirs Silkeborg

Souvenir shops

Bring a memory home from your vacation. There are lots of different options to choose from. An Asger Jorn art work, a Hjejle gin or a beutiful keyhanger.

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