The Overheard

Presented by Marie Koldkjær Højlund, Morten Riis & Aarhus University

The island in Indelukket, by Åhave Allé, 7th of April – 20th of August, 2017

Listen to the forest, listen to Silkeborg! Try an interactive sculpture that empowers all the sounds, you did not know you could hear! 

Seat yourself, take a break and listen! Listen to the sound of nature through the inside of a wooden megaphone! Be on the beat and compose music with the sounds wherever you are. The Overheard is a piece of art you can step into, offering you a break to sense the forest. The three megaphone sculptures are build specially to give you a new experience in the middle of the nature. Explore how the world sounds different within the art work!
The Overheard tunes in on the sounds and invites everyone to become attentive and to rethink the difference between music, sound and noise. The art project consists of three activities that will enable anyone to mix and create a real-time soundtrack to their life throughout 2017:

1. Overheard outdoor soundtrack: Six outdoor sound sculptures are placed around the region of central Jutland.
2. Overheard online soundtrack: A webpage where you can mix the live streamed sound from the sound sculptures throughout 2017 –
3. Overheard concert soundtrack: Live concerts with bands and ensembles that incorporate the streamed soundscape into their songs and compositions.

The megaphone sculptures in Silkeborg are build by the Estonian artist Birgit Õigus, and are made into an interactive sound sculpture by the two sound artists from Aarhus University, Morten Riis and Marie Højlund. Here, everyone is allowed to play, and if you get hooked on the sound, you can experience the sounds at a live concert at the music venues Kedelhuset and Radar, or explore some of the other cool pieces of sound art in the region. Moreover, you can enjoy concerts at Indelukket in Silkeborg, where musicians will be performing from within the sculptures!

Follow the project online:
1. www.faceboo... (Coming soon)

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