Mountain biking in Silkeborg Lake District

Silkeborg Lake District is one of Denmark's best mountain bike locations. The lush and hilly forests offer a unique and varied landscape, offering everything from sharp turns, jumps and altitudes to newcomer-friendly tracks. Experienced riders wishing to go out on their own are advised to try the MTB tracks in Nordskoven or the MTB tracks in Vesterskoven. However, if you are looking for some less familiar tracks, the Singletracker app may be recommended.

The mountain bike tracks in Nordskoven

Here you will find information about the popular MTB tracks in Nordskoven, including maps and starting points.

The mountain bike tracks in Vesterskoven

Here you will find information about the as yet 12 km trail in Vesterskoven, including maps and starting places

Silkeborg BikePark

Here you can find information on Silkeborg BikePark, Silkeborg's MTB "playground".

Bicycle & Mountain Bike Hire

If you wish to experience Silkeborg by bike, but you lack the right gear to do so, click here to see where you can rent the necessary equipment. 

Free air pumping stations, repair shops & bikepits

Here is a list of places where you can pump and fix your bike.