Maps & Brochures to Download

You can find and download different brochures and maps (hiking, MTB, cycling, canoe and kayak) directly to your computer or phone from this page. All maps on this page are free. If you are looking for a different map or would like to have the print version most are available at our turist hot spots, some however we do not have in print to give out - if this is the case for the specific map you are looking for, we recommend that you look at the local bookstore Bog&Idé in central Silkeborg. They have most maps for sale.

Dinner and Lunch Guide

Dinner and Lunch Guide - become inspired by our suggestions

TOP trails of the Silkeborg area

Pack your rucksack and head off on a walk near Silkeborg. The rambling trails in and around Silkeborg vary in severity and length – just as the landscape alternates between woodland, heath, hills and valleys. See descriptions and maps of the various routes below.

Landscapes of the Silkeborg Area

Miles and miles of shoreline, woodlands and green colored hilltops: See what awaits you in Lake District Silkeborg!