Land of Wishes Regional Children’s Opening

Presented by The Creative School & 26 kindergartens in Silkeborg

Peninsula Odden in Silkeborg Langsø and Jysk Musikteater 20th of January 2017

Feel the sensation of dreams coming true and give your inner child a memorable experience!

What was your greatest wish when you were a kid? Maybe kids and young people's dreams have not changed much since then, maybe they have. Find the answer. Get a unique insight to the dreams and wishes of kids and youngsters at when the children open the cultural year 2017 before everyone else! Kids and youngsters in Silkeborg have let their creativity run freely to create a day full of experiences for people of all ages. They perform their own ideas, dreams and visions. The day is composed of 3 parts:

1. Go on a playful journey, exploring magical wishing places. Once you pass over the bridge to the peninsula 'Odden' you are in the Land of Wishes. Follow the dream route created by 600 children's plexiglass pieces in the threes, glowing with colors.
 Dream your dream and send out your wish from one of the dream swings that you find along the way. (Open from Friday the 20th of January 12.00 - 3rd of February).

2. Performance about young peoples dreams and wishes created by The Creative School of Silkeborg

3. Band-festival: 10 bands from The Creative School of Silkeborg live the dream of going on stage, sharing their sound

The Creative School of Silkeborg is a cultural school giving kids and young people the possibility to engage themselves with their passion. Thus, the school teaches dance, theater, music and more. Moreover, the school gives the students responsibility and freedom so that they themselves may learn all the parts of putting up a performance or hosting a concert. The school gives space to live the dream. The audience will experience that it is pure passion when these youngster go on stage with their theater and music.

The idea for the theme 'Land of Wishes' was created in Silkeborg, inspired by the island Odden in Silkeborg Langsø. The other municipalities in the region liked it so much that it became the shared theme for the entire region! Explore the idea where it was first created and experience the sensation of dreams coming true!

See more about the performance and band-festival

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