Lake beaches

Silkeborg is an excellent place for a swim. With no less than 51 large lakes and more than a thousand waterholes, we have some of the best swimming facilities in Denmark. Below you can see our top ten lakes in the Silkeborg district, with an exceptional quality of water and great bathing facilities. When the weather does not lend itself to an outdoor swim, you also have the option of going to one of indoor swimming locations. Read more under ‘swimming pools and water parks’. 

open-air swimming baths

Swimming Pools and Water Parks

The Silkeborg area offers a select variety of swimming facilities. Read more about the various options, here. 

Top Ten Lakes

Read here about our top ten lakes in Silkeborg and see where you can swim in some of the cleanest lakes in all of Denmark.

Rules for Outdoor Swimming in Silkeborg 

It is very important for us that you not only take good care of yourself when visiting our gorgeous lakes, but also that you take good care of our natural environment while doing so. Therefore, please read our safety instructions and special considerations before going for your next swim here

Angling in Silkeborg


The scenic surroundings of Silkeborg are perfect for a day out with a fishing rod. Read more about angling in Silkeborg here.


Paddle Adventures: Canoeing and Kayaking

Silkeborg is rich on opportunities for water-based adventures - an ideal way to explore the over 500 kilometers of river shoreland encircling the Lake District.

Sailing holidays

Encounter our spectacular waters by boat