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Museum Jorn, Gudenåvej 7-9, the 11th of February – 28th of May 2017
Adults 120 dkk, retirees 110 dkk, under 18 years of age free

The cultural year's absolute must see: Do not miss Scandinavia's two greatest painters meeting for the first time ever - Edvard Munch & Asger Jorn!

The year is 1945, right after the war when Asger Jorn illegally crosses the border into Norway because he just MUST see the Munch exhibition in Oslo. Munch has recently passed away and here Jorn sees sides of Munch he has never seen before, in paintings Munch kept private till his death. This experience touches him deeply and always stays with him.

The exhibition 'JORN + MUNCH' shows Jorn's great inspiration from Munch and their shared passion for painting, their creative power and their life force. From the Munch Museum chief works such as 'Kiss at the Beach in Moonlight', 'Death Struggle' and 'Vampire' together with 15 other paintings are displayed alongside Jorn's mayor works. These paintings by Munch and Jorn gathered in one place is a completely unique and outstanding exhibition that can only be seen here at Museum Jorn this very spring. The meeting of these two artists is a strong artistic experience that can be taken in without the need of any explanation. Furthermore, it is the story of two painters who more than anyone else have shaped the Scandinavian self perception within painting.
Both Munch and Jorn dealt with human condition in modern society and this exhibition shows the kinship between the two, when they both dare to ask the big questions about life and death. The exhibition is a tribute to these two colorful painters and to life.

That the two greatest painters of The Nordic Countries meet for the first time is only possible due to a unique collaboration between the Munch Museum in Oslo and Museum Jorn. Asger Jorn crossed the border illegally to se Munch's works, now these works are coming – legally – to Museum Jorn. With the powerful inspiration from Munch, Jorn continued to cross borders his whole life, not least within art, his never ending passion.

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