The Independent AIR – The photo in an anthropocentric time

Presented by  Cultural Ass. The Independent AIR

Bindslevs Plads 11th - 25th of Nov. 2017

Let yourself be entranced by a still-standing moment of intense photographic expression of our anthropocentric world. Stop in the middle of everyday life and feel the magic of a single moment captured right in front of you.

Six young, international artists gathered in a house in Portugal for 6 months. In this half year, they meet with scientists, practitioners and artistic mentors. They debate artistic activism, people and climate. And then they take photographs. Every day. The photograph more than any other art form can encapture and express reality just as poetic, cruel or spectacular as it is. Through their photos they let the story of man in a anthopocene world come alive. How did we get so far? Is there a way onwards from here?
The Photographers use both poetic, abstract and documentarian expression, inviting the observer to reflect, question and explore. They sharpen the focus on human kind's own role in the state of the world of today. The exhibition provides an opening in the middle of town to impress instead of expressing. Simultaneously, it opens for a recognition of humankind in all its power and helplessness: Crued, thoughtless and fantastic.

Why do artists and scientists need to meet? The Independent AIR finds, that the two groups can inspire each other because they have entirely different approaches and methods. Scientists contribute with background knowledge and scientific insight. Artists contribute with an emotional, aesthetic approach and human insights. In the complex challenges of the anthropocene world we need both approaches to understand the consequences of our actions and see the solutions.
The Independent AIR wants to meet people of Silkeborg, so you can receive a visit from an artist! Meet the artists up close, hear about their process and considerations. You can give your friends, family or neighbours a very special experience by inviting The Independent AIR over. If you make the coffee, they will come by with cake ans artist talk!

Receive a visit from the artists! The Independent AIR wants to come to you.
Associations, schools, youth educations and group can book a tour in the exhibition with debate.

Contact Line Thastum:  phone: + 45 29821232

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