The History of Silkeborg - From Past to Present

Come join us on the exciting historical journey of the Lake District! We are home to, not only the oldest coal-fired paddle steamer, but also one of the best-preserved bog bodies from pre-historic times in the world. Read more about them right below. 

Silkeborg as an Old Spa Town

Since the 19th century, Silkeborg has been famous for its bath facilities, attracting thousands of Danes with everything from stress to weight problems. Silkeborg has always been the place to go, when you need to recharge your batteries – it still is to this very day.

Combine a day of wellness at Badeanstalten with the spectacular scenery of the Lake District – it will do wonders for your mind and body.


The Old Public Bath - Badeanstalten

Silkeborg is the only market town in Denmark, with its original public baths still open. The place looks just as it did in 1920 - a real cultural gem, right in the city center!

Silkeborg Bad

Silkeborg Bad

What used to be the largest spa in town, Silkeborg Bad, is today an evocative oasis for changing art exhibitions. Read more about Art Centre Silkeborg Bad here.

Museum Jorn

Unique Artistic Experiences

Silkeborg is a center of incredible, artistic experiences. We have everything from inspiring local exhibitions to internationally renowned museums. A unique opportunity to unfold your creative interests. 

Falconeer for a day

Family Activities in Silkeborg

Situated right in the heart of Jutland, Silkeborg is less than an hour away from the best attractions in Denmark. It is the perfect base for an exciting family holiday. 

Hiking in Silkeborg

Hiking holidays

Explore the trails of the Lake District