Full Moon Event: Silkeborg Fireworks Regatta

Presented by the Silkeborg Tourist and Regatta Association

5 days of fireworks, light performance and entertainment.
Full Moon Event on Søvej and Søtorvet 15th - 19th of August 2017
Free. However, some events require a ticket

Lift your gaze to the sky and enjoy a symphony of sparkling gunpowder when the European masters of fireworks fill the night sky over Silkeborg with colours!
A glowing spark, a familiar crackling sound and suddenly the sky cracks open with colours! Prepare to be entranced by four of Europe’s leading artisans within fireworks as they show off their art. A symphony of fireworks that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. They compete in four days, and end the competition with a gala of fireworks performed by the Danish champion. The gala traditionally gathers people around Silkeborg Langsø.

This spectacular event is an amazing experience that you cannot miss. The riverbanks are illuminated at night with lanterns and torches. Visitors will be spellbound by the beautifully decorated flotilla of boats drifting by. Every night there will be free open air concerts at ‘Store Scene’ at 7 pm. The Magic Mirror Tent lifts the atmosphere to new heights with a night cabaret filled with humour and magic that enchants and entertains the audience.
Do not wait to come out until dark, all day long the beautiful regatta can be enjoyed while the sky is filled with the colours of the rainbow as 40 balloonists attend the Nordic Championship of balloon flying! The Regatta also offers lots of fun in Tivoli, food fair, music and entertainment. Since 1899, the Regatta has gathered Silkeborg; here you really feel the city's connection with the water and a happy and free atmosphere.

The fireworks show happens right after the tantalising light performance 'Water nymph' that can be experienced at the Music Theatre (Jyst Musik Teater) – free of charge. These events together celebrate a folk story of Silkeborg about lighting your light for others and are a celebration of helpfulness and benevolence. You can have it all – experience the fireworks from the best location, Søtorvet or Søvej or book a trip with the historical boat ‘Hjejlen’. Furthermore, you can take part in the regatta with your own boat – decorate and pimp it so you can join the tradition! Be it on the water, in the air or safe on shore – it is a must to be a part of the only full moon event outside of Aarhus in the cultural capital year of 2017!

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