Fishing Licenses and Permits

To fish in the Gudenå River and the lakes of Silkeborg, you must have a national fishing licence and a local fishing permit. To fish in Silkeborg’s put & take lakes, you only have to pay the hourly/daily rate, which is listed on their respective website.

Fishing License

All fishing in Denmark requires a national fishing license for anyone between the age of 18 and 65.

The price of a statutory fishing license is:

One-day license: DKK 40
7-day license: DKK 130
One-year license: DKK 185
Recreational fishing license: DKK 300

Buy a fishing license online here


Fishing Permits for the Gudenå River and the Silkeborg Lakes (Silkeborg Angling Society’s Fishing Waters)

All fishing in the waters of Silkeborg Angling Society (from the Gudenå River at Ry (excluding Lake Mossø) to the Gudenå River at Trust and the Silkeborg lakes (excluding Lake Slåensø)) requires a local fishing permit for anglers above the age of 14. The fishing permit will show you where you can fish and the restrictions that apply.

The price of a local fishing permit:

One-day permit: DKK 100
7-day permit: DKK 300
One-year permit: DKK 500

Buy a fishing permit online here

Fishing permits for Silkeborg Angling Society's fishing waters can also be purchased physically at various places in the Silkeborg region. A list of suppliers is available here


Fishing Permits for Lake Tange Sø

Fishing permits for the Gudenå River north of Trust to Bjerringbro (including Lake Tange Sø) can be purchased at Kongensbro Kro inn, Tange Købmandsgård, Cirkle K in Bjerringbro or Knappe Outdoor in Silkeborg. 

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Buy a Fishing Permit for the Gudenå River and the Silkeborg Lakes
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