Family Activities in Silkeborg

Lake District Denmark is situated right between some of the best family activities in the country, such as Legoland, which is less than an hour away from Silkeborg center!

For the days you wish to slow things down, we also have a wide variety of family entertainment, right where you are. Maybe you want a day in the great outdoors, biking through the woods or canoeing down the river Gudenå - or maybe you would rather help feed the feisty raccoons and adorable otters in Aqua. We have experiences for all ages, in all types of weather. 

Family Experiences in Silkeborg for All Types of Weather

Silkeborg Rovfugleshow

When the Sun is Shining Brightly

Silkeborg is beautiful on a sunny day – and there is so much to do in the Lake District when the weather is nice. Click here for inspiration on what to do in Silkeborg when the sun is shining.

Museum Jorn

When the Rain is Pouring Down

If you wake up to the sound of the rain pouring down, do not worry! There are plenty of things to do in Silkeborg on a rainy day – just click for inspiration.  

The Lake District: An Aquatic Paradise

The number 1 place in Denmark for water-based activities.


Swimming Pools

We offer a wide range of swimming facilities for visiting families; open-air swimming baths, indoor swimming pools - and even a tropical water park!

Stress-free Family Adventures

Slow things down in the midst of our amazing nature - or embark on thrilling new outdoor quests!

More Ideas for Family-based Activities in Silkeborg

MTB Almindsø

A Holiday on Two Wheels: Cycling in the Lake District

Silkeborg is the perfect place to go cycling! Read more about our bike facilities here

Horse Riding

With Denmark's largest contiguous area of forest and numerous lakes, the Silkeborg region is just the area for active, fun and scenic experiences on horseback – for adults and children, as well as beginners and experts. Read more about riding around Silkeborg here...