Art in the Silkeborg Area

The Silkeborg area is known for its exceptional artists, such as Asger Jorn, who spent his life challenging the conceptions of reality and breaking with the role of art as a commodity. You can explore his great collection of art pieces at Museum Jorn, which features both sculptures, ceramics, graphic works and tapestries – not to mention his range of bright-colored paintings, with bordering psychedelic qualities.  

For an alternative art experience, we also recommend a visit to Art Centre Silkeborg Bad, offering changing exhibitions of both Danish and international artists. The museum is situated right next to the scenic area of Lake Ørnsø, which means you can combine a day of cultural sights with a day of outdoor activities.

Art is everywhere in the Lake District! 

Silkeborg Bad - Skulpturparken

Art Centre Silkeborg Bad

Experience the exhibitions of both Danish and international artists, or visit the rich collection of sculptures in the midst of beautiful nature. A ‘must see’ of the Lake District!

Museum Jorn

Museum Jorn

Experience the work of one of the 20th century’s greatest artists, Asger Jorn, and many other exceptional international painters and sculptors.  

Visit our Many Galleries and Local Artisans

You also have the option of visiting our many local artisans residing in the area of Silkeborg, who work with both paint, clay, textiles and glass. Watch from close quarters as they mould the clay and shape the glass into stunning artistic pieces – or witness as brush strokes on a canvas turn into a beautiful painting.

A unique opportunity of taking a piece of the Lake District home with you.


Outdoor Activities

Silkeborg is known for its beautiful landscapes, which offer endless possibilities of an active holiday in nature. Have a look at all of our outdoor activities here.

A Paradise for Golfers

The Lake District offers no less than eight remarkable golf courses. Come join us for a round of golf in Silkeborg.


Historical Attractions

Home to both Tollundmanden and the world’s oldest paddle steamer Hjejlen – but that is not all! We have so much more to offer in Silkeborg. Read all about our historical attractions here.