The river and lakes of Silkeborg offer a wide variety of fishing waters in terms of river bed, lake bottom conditions, vegetation and depth, which provides excellent conditions for many species of fish. Combined with our striking natural surroundings, it makes the Silkeborg region an ideal place to spend many an hour with a fishing rod.

Boat Hire

There are several places in and around Silkeborg where you can hire a boat. Click here to see where.

Angling from a Boat

The lakes of Silkeborg are suit practically all vessels – from belly boats and kayaks, to dinghies, pontoon boats and large motor boats. Bring your own or hire one from a boat hiring company nearby. 

However, be aware that there are rules you must follow when fishing from a boat on the lakes of Silkeborg. To read about these rules, see the website of Silkeborg Angling Society here.

Put and Take Gl. Laven

Put & Take Lakes

The Silkeborg region boasts a number of Put & Take lakes, promising an experience for the whole family and almost guaranteeing freshly caught trout for dinner.


Paddle Adventures: Canoeing and Kayaking

Silkeborg is rich on opportunities for water-based adventures - an ideal way to explore the over 500 kilometers of river shoreland encircling the Lake District.

Sailing holidays

Encounter our spectacular waters by boat

Top Ten Lakes

Read here about our top ten lakes in Silkeborg and see where you can swim in some of the cleanest lakes in all of Denmark.