Fishing Licenses and Permits

Fishing License

All fishing in Denmark requires a national fishing license for anyone between the age of 18 and 65.

The price of a statutory fishing license is:

One-day license: DKK 40
7-day license: DKK 130
One-year license: DKK 185
Recreational fishing license: DKK 300

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Put & Take Lakes

Our put & take lakes offer excellent conditions for seasoned anglers and novices alike. You can always bring your own picnic – but in most of these places you also have the option of buying refreshments when you arrive. 

Species of fish in the River Gudenå and the lakes

The River Gudenå/Lake Sminge Sø:
perch, pike, bream, roach, eel, trout

Lake Silkeborg Langsø:
pike, perch, zander, roach, bream, whitefish, lake trout, eel

Lake Thorsø:
perch, bream, pike, zander, roach, lake trout, eel

Lake Ørnsø:
perch, bream, pike, whitefish, zander, roach, lake trout, eel