Himmelbjerget, vandring, natur

Outdoor Capital of Denmark


Silkeborg Søhøjlandet - Outdoor Capital of Denmark

With more than 50 lakes and a forest area, which streches beyond 224 square kilometers, Silkeborg Søhøjlandet is the largest nature area in the entire country. This combined with the cultural and art heritage found in Silkeborg makes the perfect destination for families, couples and friends looking for new experiences and time to relax.



Located close to the major airports (Billund, Aalborg and Aarhus) and highways you can reach all the major sights in Jutland within an hour and half. This is a benefit that many families from Sweden, Norway and Germany take advantage of when visiting Denmark, as they want to visit Legoland, Aarhus, Vesterhavet and spend a day canoeing along Gudenåen within a short period of time. 

Top attractions in Silkeborg

Family attractions

Here you can find the top family attractions in Silkeborg - The Lake District.

Art galleries and museums

Silkeborg is a great place to experience art and museums.

Historical attractions

The Silkeborg Lake District plays an exiting part in the history of Denmark.

Attractions in nature

Go explore the beautiful nature in Silkeborg - The Lake District.

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