The Silkeborg countryside

The Silkeborg region offers stunning scenery with expansive forests, magnificent moorland and the ingenious water systems of the Silkeborg lakes and the River Gudenå. The combination of all this and its hilly landscape are what make the area so special and unique.

The largest area of forest in Denmark

The woodland in and around Silkeborg is the largest area of forest in Denmark. The Silkeborg region is thus an impressive area of natural beauty, unique in Denmark.

The Silkeborg lakes and the River Gudenå

In the Silkeborg region, you will find the River Gudenå and the largest concentration of lakes in Denmark. The water not only contributes to the area's unique character, but also lends itself to a host of outdoor activities such as canoeing, kayaking, swimming and fishing.

Himmelbjerget hill

A natural highlight is, of course, Himmelbjerget (literally “Sky mountain”). Standing at 147 metres above sea level, it protrudes into the landscape, and can be seen for miles, from land and water alike. You can get there by car, bike or on foot, and you can also sail there on board the world’s oldest paddle steamer, Hjejlen. 
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Unique Nature

The Silkeborg region is just asking to be explored, whether on short or longer excursions. Every hilltop, every bay and every cove reveal new areas and opportunities for the taking. Tje unique nature is open to walkers, runners, cyclists, paddlers, ornithologists, picnickers and other nature lovers.

In the Silkeborg region, you can get right up close to nature – and nature is always close to you.

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Where the abbey stood by the lake’s rushes,
Behind the heather of the moor and heavy paths,
There is now a hive of activity,
The large mill wheels turn.
A small market town grows,
Towards the river, willow and alder bow,
In Denmark’s Lake District, the eagle dwells,
Near the thousand mounds of the heath.

A piece of Danish loveliness
Is Silkeborg, it must be said,
Where the “Gudenå” is allowed
To look around the deep dark woods.
Near the river “Himmelbjerget" stands,
As firm as Norway’s Dovre,
In the marsh walks the stork as black as coal
How beautiful and wonderful it is over there!

Quote (unofficial translation): Hans Christian Andersen

Discover Søhøjlandet (the Lake District)!
Areas of natural beauty

The Silkeborg region offers various different areas of natural beauty, including woodland, heaths, lakes and the river.

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