There are many annual events in and around Silkeborg because they have been so successful in previous years, find out more about them here.

Silkeborg and its surrounding area offer a multitude of wonderful experiences in beautiful scenery, with exciting attractions, interesting exhibitions, festive events and fun activities. Get inspiration, find practical information and plan your next break in and around Silkeborg here.

Art is all around you in the Silkeborg region. The area has it all – from its numerous local artisans to major galleries and internationally renowned art museums.

Beautiful scenery is all around you in Søhøjlandet (the Lake District) – for serious athletes wishing to get their pulse racing and sweat on their brow and for more casual exercisers with a thermos in their backpack.  There are possibilities aplenty for all. Have a look at the different outdoor activities here...

The scenic surroundings around Silkeborg are highly conducive to many an hour with a fishing rod. Read more about angling around Silkeborg here...

With its hilly landscape, expansive forests, deep valleys, lakes and moors, the Silkeborg region is almost like one big natural golf course. Welcome to Silkeborg – the whole of Denmark’s golf course!

There is so much to see and do if you are holidaying with children, parents or grandparents in the Silkeborg region. You have ample opportunity to give it full throttle and to be entertained, challenged and learn while having fun together.

The River Gudenå and the Silkeborg lakes provide a unique setting for a canoeing or kayaking holiday in beautiful, serene surroundings. Take your family or friends on a canoeing trip, experience the nature and enjoy spending time together at an active or relaxed pace.

Denmark's largest lake district, Silkeborgsøerne, offers ample opportunity for sailors to experience the area from the water. Put the boat in the water and enjoy the scenic surroundings at a steady pace through the Gudenå system.

Enjoy a stay at a hotel or inn in the Silkeborg region, and combine relaxation and luxury with scenic and cultural experiences. Take a closer look at the hotels and inns in and around Silkeborg and check out their special deals on weekend getaways and mini breaks here...

No matter whether you prefer to spend the night in a hotel's very comfortable setting, to stay with your family at one of our cosy campsites, or to ensure a good standard at a low price staying at a Bed & Breakfast, Silkeborg prides itself in offering good opportunities for you to find the place to stay that is just right for you.

Private accommodation in and around Silkeborg

The Silkeborg region offers the possibility of all manner of weekend getaways and mini breaks: romantic getaways, music, theatre, art and gastronomic breaks, golfing and canoeing packages and traditional hotel and inn breaks. Take a closer look at them all here...

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