The spa town of Silkeborg

Since the 19th century, Silkeborg has been known as a spa town, attracting thousands of Danes suffering from everything from weight problems to stress.
A fragrant, bubbling bathtub is pure pampering. As are warm, massaging hands that loosen sore, tense muscles. And a nap under open skies, wrapped in a soft blanket, can also work wonders.

Wellness is important to us today, as it was to our great and great-great grandparents. When they needed to recharge their batteries, they came to Silkeborg, which played its own special role in the Danish health service in the 19th century. They booked themselves into one of the town’s many spas, where they were nursed by spa doctors and carers. Some people came with weight problems, insomnia or stress. Others came just to relax and recharge their batteries.

The spa treatments included various types of baths: hot and cold, shower and tub, light therapy and mud baths. Some people also had massage with hard water jets, which was not for the faint-hearted!

On their prescribed strolls in the beautiful countryside, the spa guests breathed the refreshing, ozone-rich forest air deep into their lungs. And they took the waters. Litres of cool, iron-rich spring water from Silkeborg’s own spring, Arnakkekilde.

Sadly, the glorious spa era came to an end in the 1970s, when charter tourism enticed Danes to southern climes, but the beautiful buildings are still here. The largest of the town’s spas, Silkeborg Bad, is today an evocative setting for changing art exhibitions. And Gl. Skovridergaard hotel cultivates its history with great veneration..

Silkeborg still offers pampering for all. The range of wellness treatments on offer is wide, and Silkeborg is the only market town in Denmark with its old public baths still open. It looks just as it did in 1920 and is a cultural gem in the centre of the town. Here, the past meets the present for wellness fans who can choose from steam baths, baths, showers and mud baths in the nearly 100-year-old bathrooms. Try, for example, a skin wash with wood wool, followed by an icy dip in the beautiful old bathtub. Or a bath with aromatic herbs. You can also let the sweat pour out of you in the steam room and then enjoy a full body massage by a skilled masseur. It doesn’t get much better than that.

And right on your doorstep is the beautiful scenery of Søhøjlandet (the Lake District), which is guaranteed to provide a balm for stressed minds. Today, it has been scientifically proven that nature can promote health and quality of life. We never doubted that for a minute in Silkeborg.


The Old Public Bath - Badeanstalten

Silkeborg is the only market town in Denmark, with its original public baths still open. The place looks just as it did in 1920 - a real cultural gem, right in the city center!

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