FACE – An exhibition about your face

Presented by Museum Silkeborg

Museum Silkeborg, Hovedgårdsvej 7, 6th of May – 22nd of Oct. 2017
65 kdkk for adults, under 18 years: Free

Come face to face with yourself - if you dare!

Everyone has a face completely unique to them. In the exhibition FACE Museum Silkeborg focuses on the face - yours, too! With unique new technology from DTU you can see how others perceive you based on your facial features - if you dare. Do others see you as adventurous, beautiful or intelligent?

FACE tells of the cultural history of the face up to this day. Why are we so fascinated by faces? What's so appealing by taking a selfie that everyone does it and which significances do we give the face? At the exhibition you can come face to face with The Tollund Man, an over 2000 years old person! The Tollund Man is one the world's most well known and most well preserved bog bodies.
Tourists and archeologists from all over the world pilgrim to Silkeborg just to gaze at his face still well defined and extremely expressive. In the face of the Tollund Man you can see the rough stubbles of his beard and even the most minute wrinkles around his eyes. Who might he have been? Now with 3D-technology it is possible to get really close - almost touching him as you may for instance remove his hat virtually.

Did you know that there is a higher number of muscles in the face than any other place of the body? This is because it has formed to communicate emotions and moods to others around us. The face is important for us to feel understood and in communion with others. In it lies the majority of our emotional communication. This is why we put in smileys and emojicons in our text messages to convey whether "I am happy as I write this" or "I write this jokingly". Without the face the real meaning can be diffcult to perceive correctly and since text messaging became common more and more facial expressions have been added as "smileys". Worldwide we add layers and nuances to our face to face communication in the form of make-up, jewelry, piercings or tattoos. You can play around and explore your own face with the many fun things to try at the exhibition FACE.

The exhibition is fun for the whole family and you can experience much more under the theme FACE at the 6 grand cultural institutions of Silkeborg: Museum Jorn, KunstCentret Silkeborg Bad, Museum Silkeborg, JYSK MUSIKTEATER, Silkeborg Bibliotekerne with Silkeborg Arkiv and at AQUA Akvarium and Dyrepark. You can go exploring all 6 places and explore the significance of the face - locally, globally, now and at all times. 


Are you from a school, community or something similar? Contact Museum Silkeborg: 86 92 14 99
For more information visit - www.museumsilkeborg.dk

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