Canoeing and kayaking holidays

Are you ready for your next paddle adventure? Gather your family and friends and have an enjoyable day together on the open waters of Silkeborg.

Enjoy the trip!

Why not Try a Package Tour?

Silkeborg Kanocenter offer four different types of canoe package tours. Whichever one you choose, you simply need to show up at your desired starting point, where your canoe and equipment will be waiting for you. The distance of your daily travel will be determined in advance and your accommodation will be readily booked.

You can choose between the family, pioneer or luxury package.

Contact Silkeborg Kanocenter for further information on the four various trips. You find their website by clicking on the link to your right.

Canoe Package Tours

Opt for a canoe package tour and do away with all the planning. Contact Silkeborg Kanocenter for further information... 

Sailing holidays

Encounter our spectacular waters by boat