Fishing Licenses and Permits

Fishing License

All fishing in Denmark requires a national fishing license for anyone between the age of 18 and 65.

The price of a statutory fishing license is:

One-day license: DKK 40
7-day license: DKK 130
One-year license: DKK 185
Recreational fishing license: DKK 300

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Put & Take Lakes

The put & take lakes offer excellent conditions for seasoned anglers and novices alike. This is your chance to make a good catch! In most places you can also buy refreshments and enjoy your picnic at the picnic benches.

Species of fish in the River Gudenå and the lakes

The River Gudenå/Lake Sminge Sø:
perch, pike, bream, roach, eel, trout

Lake Silkeborg Langsø:
pike, perch, zander, roach, bream, whitefish, lake trout, eel

Lake Thorsø:
perch, bream, pike, zander, roach, lake trout, eel

Lake Ørnsø:
perch, bream, pike, whitefish, zander, roach, lake trout, eel